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Juvenile Offenses

Youth with Handcuffs

What You Need to Know

When your child is accused of committing a crime, your choice of lawyer can make a world of difference in the defense representation your child receives. At The Service Law Offices, we put you in direct contact with a former juvenile prosecutor — firm founder Henry Service — who has the firsthand knowledge of prosecutorial tactics necessary to protect your child’s rights. We work tirelessly to defend your child and to attempt to keep criminal allegations from derailing his or her future.

Our firm was founded on the principle that everyone should have access to the legal system and have their voices heard. We believe that cost should not prevent you from obtaining exceptional defense representation for your child, so we offer our services at an affordable, yet fair, rate.

Family Court v. Criminal Court

Depending on the alleged offense committed and the age of the child, prosecutors may attempt to try a child in criminal court as an adult. The stakes in criminal court are significantly higher than in family court. A conviction can haunt a child for the rest of his or her life, and can even result in significant jail/prison sentences.

We have had significant success in making sure that cases involving juvenile crimes are tried in family court, as we feel that is the most appropriate venue for legal proceedings involving juveniles.

Juvenile Status Offenses

In addition to traditional criminal offenses that adults may be charged with, juveniles are also subject to “status offenses” such as truancy and running away from home. Our familiarity with all areas of the juvenile criminal system allows us to effectively combat any status offense charges that your son or daughter may be facing.


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