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Traffic Defense

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Let Us Help You Fight Your Traffic Ticket

Has a warrant for your arrest been issued because of an old traffic ticket? Have you been accused of driving with a suspended license, or driving without a license or without insurance? Is a traffic ticket for speeding, running a red light or any other moving violation about to add points that could get your license taken away?

If you are facing these or any other traffic ticket issues, the seasoned criminal defense lawyers at The Service Law Offices can help. Our firm was founded by attorney Henry Service — a former prosecutor with 20 years of legal experience — so that we could protect the interests of those accused of criminal violations in the Kansas City Metro area and surrounding Missouri counties.

Traffic offenses can be serious.


Dedicated Community Advocates Fighting Foryou

Our commitment to our community is also shown by the cost of our services; we have carefully tailored our rates to make our services affordable to those who need them the most. By helping everyone access the legal representation they require, we make our community a better place and help to ensure that everyone is treated fairly by the legal process.

As a community-focused firm, we work hard to make sure that our fellow community members have a dedicated advocate on their side, fighting to keep a traffic ticket from causing disproportionate disruption in their lives.